Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Wreath and Centerpiece

Decided that it was time to make a nice autumn wreath.  Usually we are so busy prepping for Christmas wreaths my Thanksgiving/Autumn decor is overlooked.  I am more used to working with live materials but artificial items also have their own unique bonuses (easy to remove and relocate or fix stems and flowers, can stay outside in bitter cold weather, not necessarily as costly as live floral supplies).  

Below are some of the materials I use for putting together artificial arrangements.  Dry foam, needle nose pliers/wire cutters, pliers, floral wire, floral tape, floral pins and a glue gun.  I keep all of my supplies (except the foam) in one of those handy see through totes (I also keep my live floral arranging materials in there).

For the wreath- started with a grapevine wreath (pretty cheap at Hobby Lobby) and added the large features first.

Then filled in wreath with flowers.  I like to put all of the floral items that I will consider using in a large bucket and set on a stool - this way I can see them easily and they are at a nice height for cutting.

Finished off by making the bow.  I like to make the bow to match the size of the wreath but ready made bows are easy to use too.  When making my own bows I prefer to use wired ribbon - this allows some play with the fluffing and arranging of the ribbon.

Ah, this wreath makes me smile - it also counts as an Iowa State Fair Entry!  
This will go in the Creative Arts Department.
Total Cost: ~ $15 (most of the items bought on sale or clearance)

Moving on (coincidently to Iowa State Fair Entry #2 for the day) - an artificial floral arrangement.
I liked the shape of these two pieces but not the finish.  Really can't stand the bamboo teapot, plus it has a chip in it.  It was one I picked up at an auction to use for the 2010 ISF (part of my teapot quest) but ended up finding something better.  I now have lots of teapots thanks to help from many people :)

So - spray paint!  I love Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze!  These are much prettier.

Cut my floral foam and put in the pot (be sure to leave at least a 1/2 inch above the top).  Wrapped with moss to cover the foam.

Secure moss to foam.  I start by gluing it to the base and then wrapping it more securely with floral pins.

Repeat similar steps as for wreath and VIOLA!

I also made up some mini arrangements.  These are super cheap and easy.  I have prepped a tutorial for these that will post tomorrow - get your faux leaves ready!

Here is what I did with all the leftovers - pretty much threw them in my second container (no foam or glue) and arranged them until I thought it was a pretty mix.  Although after looking at the arrangement from my chair last night there is one flower that needs removed - sticks out like a sore thumb.

Now it's starting to look like fall in my home!  Starting to feel like fall too - it was 57 degrees in the house this morning so we broke down and finally turned the heat on.  For the grandparents' piece of mind - Grant had a space heater to keep warm at night.

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Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

I love your autumn wreath. What an inviting greeting for your front door. Thank you for sharing the tutorials. They really get me in the mood for fall decorating! I'm running a bit behind on that! I just signed up to follow your blog and look forward to visiting again.