Monday, November 8, 2010

Quilt Blocks & Educational Opportunities

The block below is Block #1 for the "Layer Cake Quilt Along."  The layer cake I'm using is Punctuation by American Jane for Moda fabrics.  I thought it would be a fun design and has that vintage feel I like.  This block is an "Alabama Spinner" block designed by Gene Black

It was fun to make and only took me a couple hours on Saturday morning to piece together.  The best part is I learn some new things each time I work on something which I figure can only help improve my sewing.  Gene let us decide whether we wanted to applique the circle in the center.  Using the Bernina (which has some really fancy stitches I haven't tried yet) it was so simple.  The machine did a fantastic job!

When I heard the boys wake up I took the block upstairs to show them.  Clark was so excited the first thing he did was start telling me all the shapes that were on it!  Circle, triangle, square, rectangle.  He then started in on naming letters and we had a lesson on punctuation marks!

The boys were so smitten with the block I had a hard time photographing it without little fingers pointing at it :)

I'm excited to see what the next block will be!  I thought this fabric choice would be a perfect one for me to snuggle under while watching evening TV - looks like I may be sharing it with some little boys learning their letters and shapes (and punctuation marks)!


Anonymous said...

I love that block! The fabric is great too!

crickets said...

Hi there! I am also doing the Layer Cake Quilt Along - how cool is that? Have to blog about my block yet....

Haven't yet started my Brown Bag quilt yet - on my LONNNGG to do list. How are you doing with yours?

frugal mommy said...

I love this block. I love this material. It is great. I am always looking for material that would be a great quilt for a boy. This would be perfect to make a quilt out of for a preschooler.