Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Organizing My Idea Journal

First things first - took some time out to whip up a little pincushion - based on this blog post by Spun Sugar Quilts.  It was a fun project since I rarely get to work with purple and pinks.

Back side:

Now I have some happy pins sitting next to my machine!

On to the main heading of the blog post - organizing my Idea Journal.  Today I took some time to get my ideas organized.  Was very tired of having to flip back through magazines or blog posts/tutorials, my projects saved on the hard drive, etc to remember my ideas.  Plus, after writing my zillionth list of people and their Christmas gift ideas I decided I needed one location for everything.

So, I went through my on-line and hard drive saved/flagged projects and printed off what I needed; found my magazines & catalogs with project/gift ideas and sorted them out.  Pulled out a really cute journal that I bought for just such an occasion.

Tore out the project inspirations from catalogs and clipped them to the appropriate person's page in my journal.

See - tucked beneath all those catalog clippings is a person's name with gift ideas (to make and/or purchase) along with notes about where to find something, what is still needed to complete the gift and other ideas to enhance the inspiration.  For the boys I also jotted down ideas of items they might like so that when grandparents ask I have actual ideas!

I don't like tearing up my magazines and I didn't want to take the time or spend the money on ink to scan and print the projects I wanted so I came up with this idea.  Took these cute little sticky tabs (yes, I'm an admitted office supply junkie) and came up with a cross-reference system.  The green tabs went in the magazines with a number - the corresponding number is in the journal on the blue tabs (OK - I also color code anything I can - you should see my work files).  When I need to find the project I just need to look up the number.   I'm only using a couple of magazines so this is pretty manageable.

In the front of the book I have my entire list of everyone that is on the family gift giving list - to ensure I don't forget anyone.

Also put together my thrifting list so I can do some upcycling when making some gifts.

There - now I should be set.  Plus, I no longer feel so disorganized.  I have a clear plan, a set of priorities and  an easy way to find what I need!  Now to find little snippets (and a few big ones) of time to complete some of them.

Finally, a little cuteness - Grant wanted to help mommy with some computer stuff and we ended up playing with the camera.  He was a happy camper!


Tracy J said...

A girl after my own heart. I love the office spply store and all the cool organizer things in there. Your idea journal looks FUN, and very inspiring.

crickets said...

Cool, now that you're all organized, come to NY and help me! Just kiddin' - good job on your journal. It's pretty cool!