Monday, November 1, 2010

Twenty Five Cents Per Yard

Last Tuesday I decided to go to an auction at the local auction house.  The listing said there would be fabric. I always take this to mean there will be a box or two of very outdated material.  However, sometimes you never know when you'll find a few treasures.  Like some pretty vintage fabric, some 30's prints, some cute 60's retro fabrics amongst all the other stuff in the last women's stash that she held onto thinking she'd use it but it never came pass and slowly passed out of any sense of style.  What?  I say this out of great respect.

Back to Tuesday's auction - it was amazing.  The boxes of fabric held some beautiful finds including lots of lovely solids (which I am was sorely lacking).  I finally found time to wash, fold, and sort all my fabric and add it to my own stash.  Already some of it has been cut for a number of holiday projects.

Here is some of the fun I found:

Check out this pretty stretch knit and black solid stretch knit.  I so badly want to find the time to make a pretty blouse and cami out of these.

Then some pretty pinks.  The one floral piece is about 5 yards and would be perfect to back a quilt made from Moda's Bliss line.

 Here are some of the pretty vintage pieces that were in the mix.

And here are some cute pieces for apron making.

This piece I find pretty - just need the right project (or projects).  This piece topped the yardage chart - a whopping 11 yards of pretty cotton fabric.

I did feel that maybe I had spent more than I should have on a couple of boxes.  However, when all was said and done I ended up with some very useful fabric for only $0.25 per yard - yep, a whole quarter for each yard.  Not bad - doubt I'll ever be that lucky again.

In addition to the fabric; I found a box that in the bottom held lots of cloth for cross stitching AND a whole bunch of nice cross stitch pattern books and a couple of cross stitch kits.  Sweet!  There were also lots of pretty trims in the bottom of a couple of boxes.  The auctioneer kept trying to get me to buy some old sewing machines since I had the fabric - I kept telling him they've come a long way in sewing machine technology (plus, I already own old machines - I don't need to add to that line-up).

I also picked up a box of Christmas ornaments for the boys' Christmas trees - as the boys and I sat and happily sorted through the box we came across a vintage ISU Cyclone ornament with Cy (yeah - for those of you who are not ISU fan's you're going so what).  Trust me - to a Cyclone fan that was worth the whole $5.00 I spent on the ornament box.  The time spent having fun with the boys looking through the box - priceless.

For the hubby (well, Clark has claimed it now) a Star Wars lunch box.  Clark keeps asking me to put sandwiches in it.  I keep saying it would make a great crayon box.  I don't think mommy's going to win this one.

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Anonymous said...

Wow....what a great find! I love that 5yd piece with the flowers...wish I had that for the quilt I'm making for the quilt's beautiful!