Saturday, November 20, 2010

FNSI Results

Wasn't sure if I would be able to sit down and sew last night for the November Friday Night Sew In.  However, after making 20 evergreen swags and a few small wreaths I was pretty much toast for making more wreaths.  Sewing it was!  (I must add my husband went out to the garage and clipped lots more greens for me to keep going all day today!)

I was way behind on That Girl . . . That Quilt Along so I thought I would focus on that project.  I finally sewed on all the red border!

Then squared the blocks up - wonky style.  This was VERY outside my comfort zone.  I tend toward perfectionist, like to have things straight, etc.  But this ended up being really fun and I think the quilt will turn out nice.  I am very thankful I picked up this grid to help with squaring though or I think I would have really struggled.

My blocks - all wonked up, all wonky, wonkified?  Eh - you get the picture.

This is one of the larger grouping of blocks I've done plus my floor space is at a premium these days.  My solution - I taped up an old tablecloth fuzzy side up and started laying out blocks.  I liked this solution and may work on making a more permanent fixture in this location.

Bad thing is it's not in a great location for picture taking.  It's on the wall behind the basement stairs (next to the sewing/laundry room) - so not a lot of space but enough for me to get pieces hung and rearranged.

Can't wait to sew the rows together.  Although every time I go downstairs to look at it I change things around.  At some point I'm going to just have to go with it!

Last night when I decided I could sew no more (at least at the machine) I went upstairs and worked on some hand sewing.  Unfortunately since this item is a Christmas gift I don't get to show it off - bummer.

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Tracy J said...

I think that quilt is going to turn out great! I love the idea for your design wall...I am going to try that. I am tired of laying things out on the floor, and then hoping the dogs don't run through it and mess it up before I get it sewn together. I am working on a Christmas gift, too, that I can't show *wink*. Happy Sunday!