Sunday, November 7, 2010

Small Autumn Arrangement Tutorial

These are very simple little autumn decorations to make.  They are also very cost effective.  I made 20 of them two years ago for less than $30.

Here's what you'll need (this should make 3 pots):

Floral Oasis (for dry arranging - don't use the oasis for live arrangements there is a big difference) - cylinder shaped for this project (I matched the size to the pot).  You will only need one as it will be cut into three pieces.
3 Miniature terra cotta flower pots
Spanish moss (1 small bag)
Assorted/Bunch Faux Fall Leaves
Pumpkins (the ones I used were in a packaged set for ornament/hanging use)
Hot Glue Gun
Floral "U" shaped Pins (nice to have but not essential)
Wire Cutters

You can see some of the tools I use in the photo below.  For this project I didn't need the floral wire or floral tape but they aren't bad to have on hand for arrangement projects.  This project uses cylindrical foam (or oasis) rather than block foam (see next photo).

Set it in so you get a good measure and mark with knife where the top of container is (do not cut through on this mark).  The foam will not go completely to the bottom and that's OK for this small of a project.

Cut at least 1/4 - 1/2" above the top of the container mark -- this should yield 3 similar size pieces (which gives the ability to make 3 of these quickly).

Put a ring of hot glue around the foam and glue into the container (you don't have to do this step but it helps with stability).  Take a "clump" of moss - enough to cover top and sides of foam - put some drops of glue on foam and glue down.

Press the moss gently and fill in any gaps where the foam may show through.

To further secure (if you wish) gently mold the moss and push floral "U" pins into the oasis.

Now lay out the items you have that you would like to decorate with.  I like to do this to see what I have to work with.

If you have some pieces that aren't pre-picked (have a stem for pushing into the floral oasis) it is easy to make them into picks.  Use an awl or other sharp object and make a small hole.

Then push a spare piece of stem from an arrangement you've cut from - or, use a dowel, small stick, lollipop stick, bamboo skewer (you get the idea) into the hole (use a little glue if it doesn't seem secure).

Start placing your floral decorations.  With an artificial arrangement it's very easy to move items if you don't like the way it looks.

I usually start with the base items - like the leaves in this case.  Then add in the flowers.

And finally the pumpkin "centerpiece" of the arrangement.  You could also add a bow or some ribbon.

Here are my 3 finished mini-arrangements.  My favorite is actually the one on  the right - just leaves and pumpkin (very simple).

Here's a close-up:

This is the close-up of the one with flowers and berries:

Here they are on display - I was happily surprised when the pots fit perfectly in my tea cups!

Happy Fall Decorating!

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Beth said...

Great idea! And love the white milk glass cake pedestals too :)