Thursday, November 4, 2010

Works in Progress

This week I have been waking up very early in the morning to get a couple hours sewing/craft work in before the boys wake up at 7:30 am.  I wanted to be farther along but sometimes thats just the way it goes.  So, I apologize for no posts early on in the week but I wanted to actually show some progress.

Let's start with my items for That Girl . . . That Quilt Along:

I know - the photo is pretty bad since I took it tonight (bad lighting).  I just have the rest of the neutral strips to cut.  I was working on that after supper tonight but both of my cutters have bad blades.  You would think after just reorganizing my sewing room I would be able to find my box of new blades (in the scissor/blade drawer would make complete sense) but alas - no.  I'll have to keep searching - it's not like they grew legs and walked away.

Next (and what I have been focused on the past few mornings):

My Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar.  This is a fabulous pattern from Everyday Celebrations - so easy to follow and so lovely!  There is a lot of cutting out of numbers though - especially when you do it twice - blah!  The first time I used a cotton that showed everything through the bottom when it was ironed on.  So, today Grant and I went and found some heavier material - let's hope the new fabric works better!

Best part of this project was everything came from my stash and scraps!  Gotta love that!  The pictures do make my squash colored felt look a bit off - trust me the color really does work in real life!  When it's finished I'll do a nice daytime shot.

I also need to finish all the cards.  Clark helped me cut them out while we were waiting for water to boil for supper.  Need to laminate them and then recut :)- cutting seems to be a theme!

And last, but certainly not least, I am trying to put together something for the Project Compassion craft I'm leading.  Project Compassion is a program at our church where we make a nice crafty item with the youth of the congregation (I think the 6th grade Confirmation Class this time around); pastor puts together a devotion; and a group of volunteers take these items along on a visit to the shut-ins of our congregation.  It really seems to mean a lot to our shut-ins - especially since the youth took the time to think of them and to have a nice visit.  Since I am horrible at visits (my introvertedness gets in the way even though I know it's a great thing) - but this allows me an outlet to help by providing service in a different capacity.

Anyway - I am thinking of little Thanksgiving fabric ornaments that the youth can personalize/decorate.  It was kind of fun playing with fabric markers and stamps today.  It was fabulous to find out that we can stamp onto the fabric!  After playing around with it I think I have come up with a cute little idea.  Sometimes it's just fun to play with fabric and paint.  Plus, good excuse to add these wonderful little stamps to my craft room!

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That is beautiful! I love your give thanks hanging!!!!!