Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 15 - First 5 Entries Officially Submitted!

Today (Wednesday) we drove to the fairgrounds to submit the first of the 100 entries!  Five down; only 95 left to go!  Since I will not be in central Iowa on Saturday when the Fabric and Thread entries are due I made arrangements with the superintendent of the department to submit my entries today.  It is amazing what Clark remembers.  As we turned onto Corporate Woods Drive in Ankeny to take the back way in to the fairgrounds Clark asked me if we were going to the fair.  Wow!  He knows the way to the fair.  I told him we were but just to drop some items off and then go to the playground on the fair grounds.  He was happy with that.  Of course the first thing he wanted to do when we arrived was ride the Sky Glide.  I told him that would have to wait a couple of weeks.

Lots of activity at the fairgrounds in preparation for the big opening.  Kind of funny because by the day the fair actually opens to the public my entries will be slowing to a trickle.

Here are the five items that are officially entered.

Reversible Apron

Counted Cross Stitch Picture

Counted Cross Stitch Verse

Doll Garment complete with under garments.  Good thing I finally have a niece to start sewing doll clothes for!

Finally the bag I made.  I went a bit off pattern and added more pockets (can never have enough pockets). Can you believe at the auction last week I discovered trim in one of the fabric boxes I bought that actually matched the vintage fabric!  Wow- vintage fabric and trim! I love it!  My husband thinks it's too retro.  I have decided I don't care what his opinion is in this one instance.  I had a hard time entering it actually because it would be such a great bag to use during the fair.  I'll just have to use it next year.

I don't expect any ribbons since I know quite well what flaws there are to find but it will be fun to see them displayed and see what awesome pieces won the classes they are in so I can try to achieve that the next year.  Oh yes, I already have projects on the burner for Fabrics and Threads for next near.  I want to more closely explore the winning exhibits in some of those classes this year to better determine what is looked for by the judges.

So much fun - so much to do!


Kaye M. said...

I saw your article in Successful Farming and just had to read your blog. I really admire you. I think its amazing that you are attempting to enter 100 items at the state fair!. I live in Nebraska and have often enter things at the county fair but never at the st. fair. This year ours has been moved to Grand Island so that is alot closer for me so I hope to get up my courage to enter something. Like you said ,I know what the flaws are in my projects but it would be exciting just to have something that I made on display.
How do you find time to get everything done with 2 little boys? Its fun for me to read your blog, keep up the great work and good luck in your venture!
Kaye M. from Nebraska

Shari said...

Wow - 100 projects? You sure are ambitious. I really like your doll's undergarments.