Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 25 - Corn Relish

Started out the day in the garden this morning (before it became unbearably hot).  There are probably enough beans that we could pick some for lunch tomorrow.  Lots of green tomatoes but nothing turning colors yet.

After gardening (and a cold shower) went down in the basement to work on some sewing projects.  Cut my new fabric for the tote bag so it's ready to sew.

We bought some sweet corn from the DeMoss farm just a couple miles away.  It was such good looking sweet corn and tasted as good as it looked.

Bought 3 dozen ears so I could also make up some corn relish.  Aside from waiting for large pots of water to boil it went pretty fast.  And it looks so pretty.  Great colors for a family of ISU fans!  We always liked the corn relish at the Huber Farm (near Louisville) so thought we would try some of our own.  Since our sweet corn will probably end up being ready during the Iowa State Fair I figured this may be the best way to get some put up early.

Note: if you have been waiting for me to update my list I worked on it today.  I wiped out the old list and started fresh.  This list includes ONLY those items that are complete.  In the case of the pies I consider if I have the filling made that counts since that is the more time consuming issue.  I realize now that I should have been preparing my food entry tags as I go.  The recipe cards that attach to the tags always seem to take forever.  With so many food items it may have been smarter to type them as I go.  I will start that from this point on.  So 45 items done!  Almost half way there!  Don't worry when I start baking bread that 1st week of August the tally will start jumping pretty fast.

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