Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 36 - Jam, Jelly, Butter - oh my!

Today the following items were processed:

  • Red Currant Jelly - 9 half pints
  • Chocolate Red Raspberry Ice Cream Topping - 7 half pints
  • Blueberry Butter - 5 half pints
Actually, when the juice and pulp are all ready to go it doesn't take overly long to do.  Most of the time is spent in preparation.  The best part about the blueberries is there is so little prep work.  No pits, no chopping, no hulling - they're awesome!  I did freeze the rest of the berries I had for later use (or eating).

I have never had much luck with jellies before - for some reason they always are either too soupy, too hard or cloudy.  I never seem to hit that just right moment.  I think I finally got it with the red currant jelly.  It is such a pretty red and so nice and clear.  Both currant jelly and elderberry jelly were two of my favorite jellies in Germany.  You would think after all the jam and jelly I helped my host mom make for the markets that I would be good at it by now!  All I remember is LOTS of stirring!  

From previous research I knew that chocolate sauces/syrups were not recommended for home processing so I was excited when I found one that Ball developed especially for us chocolate lovers.  The recipe is in their new book and it is very good.  That would be the Chocolate Red Raspberry Sundae Topping.  I may have slightly overcooked it since it is pretty set; however, a little zap in the microwave before putting it on top of ice cream should do the trick.  It is also a lovely color - makes the raspberry a deep red color.

Not sure what to do with the blueberry butter exactly - although I think it would taste good on toasted blueberry bagels.  The book also suggests dressing up macaroons with it.  I think I can find some other creative ways to use it.  The butter actually tasted pretty good.  Although nothing beats Apple Butter -sorry I'm a traditionalist in that regard.

Now I am down to 8 half pint jars.  We either have to up our intake of the 2009 jam or purchase more jelly jars.  Why - that is not nearly enough for peach season (which I found a 2009 peach jam - excellent - I thought we were all out)!

So, what do the boys do when I'm in the kitchen after supper - see below: (OK - I tried 3 different times to get these to load right and I am done trying for the evening - sorry!)

For some reason playing on mommy and daddy's bed is great entertainment.

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