Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 20 - Polar Bears

"Little polar bears, all covered in fluff . . ." -excerpt from one of the boys' winter books (all I can think of when I make these cookies.)

I have to say these are so much easier to make when the indoor temperature is 60 rather than 80+.  So, today they spread a bit more than usual when I bake them in winter even after I put them in the freezer for several minutes before baking.  Oh well.

Here they are in the oven:

While they bake I make sure I have everything ready for when they come out since there is a lot to do while they're still warm.

I found the tweezers really help get the little mini chocolate chip eyes placed just right in a lot less time.

The first batch was ready when Clark woke up.  I thought this was a fun series of shots:

Yummy!  He was ready for supper so he could have "ONE with supper mommy!"

Also finished framing my cross stitch piece.  I recycled the frame.  The frame has a few imperfections which probably isn't the best for entering in the ISF but I thought the frame worked well for the picture and it was the perfect size.  Plus, I like to reuse and re-purpose so it works for me.

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