Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 27 - Practicing with Pie for Charity

Last night I made up enough pie crust dough for 3 double crust pies.  Clark and Grant as normal helped.  Clark is good with a whisk along with dumping pre-measured materials into the bowl.  Grant's just happy with any type of spoon and a bowl to play with as he watches.  I made a peach, cherry and blueberry pie.  Here's how they looked:

I decided not to take the peach.  This was an experiment to see how a frozen pie filling (made last fall) would work in the crust.  The crust seemed a little soggy on the bottom and it fell over one side so I left it home.  Wow - was it yummy! Clark, Grant and I all had a slice for snack today - but the bottom crust was a little soggy.  As much as I'd like to think my filling is spectacular I must give the credit to the peaches.  Faye Alberta peaches (they should be coming into Fareway soon) are the absolute best and the only peaches I use for canning or baking.  They are a specific canning peach.  My great-aunt Helen who was a most marvelous baker herself (I'm told) once told me I made the best canned peaches (which was quite a compliment).  I still say it's the peaches that make the difference.

Back to the Charity Auction Pies:
Also made a cherry pie.  I started experimenting with using an egg wash on the crust.  The cherry pie just looks yummy.  It brought $60.00 on the auction.

And a blueberry pie.  I had to take a picture before I messed it up of the stars all neatly laid out.  Amazingly even after baking they held their shape and looked good!  So this was an experiment in using cookie cutters and adding some sparkling sugar.  This pie brought $40.00 on the auction but I got the pie plate back since the golfers ate it with their supper.  Sweet!

Here are some photos of the family outing at the event:

So, my son rather than wanting to spend time looking at the HUGE private collection of classic cars wanted so badly to go out and look at the fountains.

Spent some time exploring the sand trap.

Parking the golf cart back with the rest.

Finally, a bit about yogurt.  Grant will dip anything in yogurt - anything!  Pizza, veggies, fruit, bread.  He is also capable of getting it everywhere.  That said for his age he is also very good at getting a lot of it to his mouth when he wants to.  Clark on the other hand wants it in little parfait or sherbet cups so he can call it ice cream. Hey, it works.

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