Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days 21 & 22

Sorry, by the end of the evening yesterday I was so tired blogging was the last thing on my mind.  Plus, I believe I have now contracted Clark's sickies - so, yay!

Yesterday the boys and I ran errands in town.  You would think going to Hobby Lobby with two little boys would be a chore but really they both like the store.  I think for Grant there are so many things and colors to look at he doesn't get too bored and Clark likes all types of crafty things.  Clark helped me pick out some picture mats to go around my cross stitch projects.  We also bought some frames to finish the projects off.  Then we went grocery shopping.  Stocked up on some King Arthur Flour on sale!  Saves on shipping.  Today we went out and I picked wax beans.  I think I have enough beans (green and yellow) to now process three bean salad.  This is one area where I break my rule of preserving something I can't stand to eat.  I may not like it but Clark devours the stuff and Alan and Grant both like it - so, I make it for them.

While at the department store yesterday, we found some block playsets on sale.  So after lunch we dug in and started to build the fire house.  Clark and Grant both enjoyed building with their play sets.

During nap I worked on putting together my frames.  Stretched one of the cross stitch pieces over foam board and matted it.  It looks so nice.  Now I just need to finish framing it.  I should just start cutting foam board for using as my bread display boards.  Cover it with freezer paper and that will make a nice sturdy presentation board.  Last year I used card board but with some of the heavier breads this doesn't hold up as well.  If you're entering breads and this is your first time DO NOT take them on paper plates!  Trust me - I know it says this is OK in the rules but really you will have much nicer presentation if you cover sturdy cardboard (or foam board - which is on sale at Hobby Lobby this week) with freezer paper (shiny side out) cut the size to just a 1/2" - 1" larger.  This goes for those of you in the cinnamon roll contest as well.  When you put the breads or rolls directly on paper the grease shows through and is not considered pretty presentation.  The freezer paper keeps the white look that is mandated and keeps the grease from seeping and looking messy.  So stock up on freezer paper, cardboard/foam board and masking tape - and invest in a good cutting tool if you don't have one.  It will make preparation for exhibit so much easier!

Since Clark and Grant both have some tummy troubles I didn't want to go outside in case they needed me so even though the garden needs attention I chose to stay inside and work on other things yesterday and today.  Today I spent nap time becoming familiar with my new work computer.  Going from 2003 to 2010 will take some getting used to.  But the new laptop is fantastic!

Once Alan was home yesterday (and after supper where Grant decided to smear himself with cake) we went out and put up the 2nd tree.  This tree was so much bigger and it has shifted out of the original hole slightly but we still tied it up and we'll hope for the best.  Our new line of trees is going to look odd if that one decides to die.  On my way home tonight I saw a neighbor finishing up planting some new trees.  I think we may have to do that ourselves this fall.

Tonight I went to an auction and found my teapot for the floral design class!  Hooray!  I also have some items that may work for a silk floral arrangement for the Creative Arts department.  And picked up some old dolls that I have plans for the 2011 ISF and sewing up some doll clothes for them.  The best buy though (and this has nothing to do with ISF) was a big old slate message board.  It's beautiful (and heavy) and I know right where to put it.

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