Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 15 - Tuesday's Blog

Somewhat reminiscent of my former 4H days I stayed up late finishing projects for the fair.  Actually, I don't remember too many late nights during fair days of old but found it funny I was working on projects until 1 am.  Somewhere around 11 pm I caught a second wind so decided to just double check everything over one more time and make sure the entries were as perfect as possible.  Touched up some paint on my one framed needlework piece, zig zag stitched seams and did some extra finishing work on my doll outfit, top stitched the top of my bag entry, and steamed the garments to get all the stubborn wrinkles out.

I have found a whole new appreciation for painter's tape in the craft room.  I used it to help lay out where I wanted to fussy cut my panels for my bag.  This sheared lots of time off of my measure and cut time.  Also found that it is a great way to clean up trimmed threads and small pieces of fabric quickly and efficiently off of my workspace - plus since those pieces are now all stuck to the tape no dropping them all over the floor on the way to the trash.

My other new found love - multi-colored thread.  It adds such a neat touch.  I have used it on the quilt and now on my handbag both with great results.

During the day my boys' decided that everything is more fun in a "tent."  We built a tent in Clark's room and pretty much never left it.

This is one very large crocheted blanket.  I believe it fits a king size bed.  One of those awesome auction finds.  This was something I found at one of the very first auctions I went to a long time ago.  It was an auction with lots of furniture and quilts.  The quilts were all selling for hundreds of dollars.  At the very end they sold off a trunk which I thought might make a nice side table or decorative piece.  So I purchased it.  When we went to pick it up it was extremely heavy.  We opened it up and discovered this piece and a hand pieced block quilt inside.  No one opened this particular trunk when setting up for the auction so ended up being an amazing find for us!  Now the boys think it makes an amazing tent.  Big enough they can actually stand up under it.

Grant's first ear of sweet corn!

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