Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 18 - Beans!

As you can see we are full of beans!  For those of you thinking that is just a sink full.  Yeah - it is, a deep basin sink full of beans.  These are the beans I picked a couple days ago and the beans Alan picked this morning.  Good man that my husband is he spent the day washing and snapping beans.  They should be ready to can tomorrow.  We are going to pressure can as many quarts as we can and try to do one batch of 3 bean salad.

Meanwhile - I had to get going on my quilt if I want to have it done on time.  Due to going home to celebrate my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary next week I am going to miss Fabric and Threads entry day on Saturday.  I have it worked out to turn in my entries on Wednesday.  So, I need to get a move on!  We are super excited to go visit and celebrate with mom and dad!

Above is the quilt - sandwiched and basted.  Of course, when I went to start quilting I realized the walking foot I had is for a Singer but for a much older singer (maybe mom's that I used to have?) with a slanted bar rather than my straight bar.  Ran to town and found one relatively quickly.  I decided to do an all over grid on the quilt using the painter's tape technique to quilt the lines.  I found a great blog today that has helped me tremendously with both the stitching and for the binding -

I have to remember this is my first quilt and it won't be perfect and Clark will love it no matter how many little flaws it has.

Around supper time we took the boys to Gilbert to see the tractor show.  We told Clark that he needed to take a good nap if he wanted to go see tractors.  Clark woke up from nap and immediately said it was time to go see tractors!  He promptly went to get his shoes and hat so we could leave.  We packed up some chips and drinks and headed out.  We saw all of the tractors (there were a lot) - many of them twice.  After viewing tractors Clark declared it was time to eat so we bought some hot dogs and pork loin sandwiches and found a picnic table to enjoy our supper.

The boys were recognized by someone from their blog photos tonight!  They were recognized by last year's Tone's Cinnamon Roll Contest winner!  Nancy works with my mom on occasion and mom told her to check out the blog.  Last year I remember talking to her during the bread judging at the ISF and we both mentioned (somewhat joked) about ever winning the cinnamon roll contest.  When I heard she had one I had to call my mom and say, "Oh I sat next to the nicest lady at bread judging the other day and she won the cinnamon roll contest!"  Mom told me she knew her too and worked with her!  Small world.  But see how much fun the ISF can be and how one person can make such an impact on another or be an inspiration to someone else!  Nancy was certainly both of those!  Can't wait to see how she does this year on her entries!

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