Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 16 - No, Don't Come in Mommy!

That sentence used as a title today is my "red alert" that something bad has occurred and Clark doesn't want me to see it.  In today's case it was actually pretty cute.  When Clark and I went out to do chores I took him out to the garden to see the caterpillars.  We looked at caterpillars and little frogs and adult monarch butterflies and bees and lady bugs.  Then I suggested we go pick some flowers.  We headed to the gladiola patch and Clark exclaimed at all the pretty flowers.  They didn't look so pretty to mommy all knocked over and goose necked and ripped apart.  But they were colorful and Clark thought they were pretty.  So we picked some and Clark took his handful up to the house.  Meanwhile I picked some more and straightened what I could.  Didn't take long and I followed Clark into the house.  This is when I heard - No, mommy, no - don't come in mommy.  I immediately asked - why not?  Then he said, "I'm sorry, mommy."  I looked at the counter and there was water spilled across the top.  Then I saw the flowers and the little cup.  Clark had brought his flowers in and knowing they needed water climbed up to the sink, filled a small plastic cup and took it back to the counter to put his flowers in.  But, glads with their high center of gravity just don't sit well in little cups.  I just smiled, told him it was OK but thanked him for the apology and praised him for trying to keep the flowers watered.  We cleaned up and then headed downstairs to pick a more appropriate container.  I let Clark pick the new container and we went up to put our flowers together.  We put some in a vase but they had to be cut so short I decided to use some floral foam.  Clark thought this was cool and wanted to help.  Here is our resulting arrangement:

Yeah, OK - so it looks like a 3-year old put it together - well for what we had to work with and for all the help Clark gave I think it looks pretty good for a 3-year old.  Watch out - he could be some fair competition in the floral classes when he gets older!  That's if flowers still interest and enthrall him as much then as they do now!  All I have to say is Alan's mom would have LOVED this arrangement!  Cynthy liked lots of color and different flowers.

Processed the three-bean salad late this afternoon.  Made 9 pint jars.  That's not bad but I should probably plan to do some more since Clark already wanted one open for supper.

Worked on some sewing tonight.  Things are coming together - but now begins the second guessing myself of whether or not is high enough quality and noticing all the little imperfections.  We'll see how some of the items finish up and whether or not they are included.  Last night I decided I wasn't going to enter the quilt.  Actually the quilting looks good.  But, with having to take all of yesterday processing beans I didn't have the day (without work and husband watching kids) that I needed to finish it off the right way.  So rather than rushing I put that one aside.  However, I will finish it - I promised myself I would and Clark is rather excited to see the final product so that is pretty motivating.  This way if I use Clark's as practice the quilt top I have ready for Grant can be the show piece next year!  Well, that is if he doesn't wear it out before then.  Kind of sad to complete it for him and then not give it to him until after next year's fair.  Getting ahead of myself - one quilt at a time.  I will admit I am addicted to the whole quilting process.  Creating the top though is my favorite part and I've decided if I do a large quilt my poor little machine won't handle it so I may send it out to be quilted by someone with a longarm.

Speaking of machines - when I came home from the quilt store the other day with my walking foot I told my husband someday it would be nice to have a new machine.  He laughed.  And yes, to my family I know I have grandma's Bernina and it is a fine machine (although I need it tuned up) but wow you should see the new machines out there!  Anyway, I told him yeah - you should see the Husqvarna's they have at the quilt store - they're amazing.  He did a double take and asked if I said Husqvarna. Yep.  He's practically sold just on the name itself since if they make great chain saws how can they not make great sewing machines!  Ah, dreams - no, I don't plan to invest in a new machine anytime soon (after all I do have my little Singer and the much more fancy [if older] Bernina); but they sure are fun to look at.

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frugal mommy said...

I just have to commment on this. I finally got my husqvarna overlock machine last year. My husband couldn't say no either to the name. I am dreaming of a new Husqvarna sewing machine also. Just can't justify the upgrade yet. Hopefully in the next few years.