Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 33 & 32 - ISF Bust

Friday and Saturday were pretty much a bust as far as working on any Iowa State Fair entries.

The bugs have been so horrible it's impossible to take Clark outside with me now.  Even with lots of bug spray on he gets eaten.  His poor face on Friday looked like he had a pox of some kind.  His ears were all swollen again too.  So, we went to the library where Clark found two new little friends to play with.  Usually he has a long warm-up period with people but he dove right in to playing blocks and talking to these boys.  And it was the first time in public he told mom to go away he wanted to play with these "guys."

Saturday a friend and I headed out to some garage sales on our way to Bondurant for an auction.  Again - bust! We didn't find anything.  Actually, my friend went to the auction specifically to bid on some piano rolls for her and her husband's player piano.  Unfortunately the rolls were sold with the piano instead of separately as advertised so her time at the auction was rather all for naught.  However, we did have a fabulous picnic lunch under the shade of a tree with the most awesome view.  You could see for miles and miles.  Plus, just spending the day catching up and talking made it all worthwhile.

Alan met us at the auction and he and I headed to a wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  Many thanks to my mom who watched the boys for us so we could drive to western Iowa.  First time without our boys for that long a period of time in a long time.  We decided to try to make it back in time to take Clark to the fireworks display that had been postponed the previous week due to rain.  When we got home we realized I had misread the date and the fireworks were on Sunday.  Yet another bust!  Oh well, we put Clark to bed with promises of fireworks the next night.

Mom brought along her equipment to test the pressure canner.  It tested almost perfect so I'm good to go when those beans are ready.  We braved the bugs to go check out my garden before full dark hit.  Something is eating the leaves on my sweet potato plants - probably the woodchuck and some of my beans have a fungus type look to the leaves.  However, only a few plants so hopefully the rest are OK.  I may need to just pull those that look sick and destroy them away from the garden.

After garden discussion, mom and I worked on some family ancestry.  Mom has been able to find family records on her side back to the 1700's.  We are working on figuring out how to merge our two trees.  However, my version was so old I ended up ordering the newest version of the software.  My tree is pretty complete on my side and my father-in-law has done a lot of work on that side of the family as well.  Hopefully  this means my children will have a well put together family tree.  I should talk to some of my older cousins though because a number of them worked with our Grandma Clark to get most of the history in that direction (I think I still have some holes to fill in along that branch).

That concludes Friday and Saturday - I guess this means Sunday will have to do double duty.

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