Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 39 - Garden Weeds Begone!

Today I planned to do nothing but garden.  Goal accomplished.  Amazing how much is still left but I cannot do it anymore - plus the flies are biting (rain is on the way).  I decided rather than spending the whole day on just one or two areas of the garden I would do it in a round robin.  So, I started with a couple rows of corn than a couple bean rows, than a strawberry row, etc.  Made it full circle back to corn.  Currently my husband is cultivating the few remaining rows.  As I went I also mulched along the way so any weeded area is now also mulched (not the corn - it will fill in the rows itself soon).  Also, planted all of my new herbs in the backyard herb garden.  Planted the new peppers and the marigolds, daisies, and egg plants I picked up yesterday.

Last night I picked the last of the peas.  I think the pea vines are finished for the year.  Clark didn't notice them this morning but did find them this afternoon.  So, Clark and Grant had peas for snack outside with daddy.  Grant was really going after them.  After my earlier posting: Peas for Breakfast; my dad informed me that Clark comes by it naturally.  My grandpa (dad's dad) used to pick a bunch of peas on his way to the milk house.  He'd eat them on the way and stuff some in his overalls for later.  Which I guess would leave grandma wondering why she didn't have as many peas to pick as she thought.  See, peas for breakfast - it's a Clark thing (that would be Clark's great-grandpa Clark for those non-family readers).

Grant was so excited to eat peas he did it standing up.  He'll decide to walk any day now.

Alan did all the cooking today and we had some wonderful stuff.  He even made potato salad for supper!  Not sure that we'll be cooking out tomorrow but we have some meat thawed just in case.  Have a happy 4th of July!

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