Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apple Orchard Time!

Today we started visiting apple orchards.  By the end of October we'll probably have been to at least 5 different orchards in at least 2 states (and some more than once I'm sure).  Why?  We love apples!  And the orchards themselves are so much fun to explore.

Today Clark's Preschool Class visited the orchard near Cambridge - Center Grove Orchard.  If you live in Central Iowa and have never visited this orchard (especially if you have young children) you really should!  Everyone seemed to have a great time!  Grant and I went along too.  I learned a lot myself.  I learned that my oldest son is very independent.  Once the orchard's group leader took over Clark just followed her.  Really, he didn't even look around to make sure I was still there for a large portion of the morning.  He loved the hay ride and sat in front (to better see the tractor of course).  He enjoyed the big bouncy pillow tremendously.  He knew how to get in line with the other children.  He even held hands with a little girl.  Whose son is this???  Although in classic Clark style he never really smiled much - very serious; but I knew he was enjoying himself and he babbled about the fun he had to me in the car and to dad when we dropped by for lunch.

Milking the cow
Playing in the Nursery Rhyme area

Visiting the one-room school house

The big bouncy pillow

Holding hands

Grant liked the animals - especially the goats!

He liked the turkeys too!
I had to get this picture with Grant and the turkey.  We bought him a new book when we were in Minneapolis about lots of farm animals.  The first animal sound he has done is - turkey.  It is so funny when he makes the turkey noise.  I'll have to get video.  

Clark on daddy lookout!
Since we were so close to Ankeny we drove down to eat a picnic lunch with daddy.  Clark had just spotted Alan's car turning into the parking lot when I snapped this photo.

One item in each hand = balance, right?
Of course we had to have apples from the orchard for lunch.  I also bought some popcorn balls last night while grocery shopping since Clark just loved them last year.  They are a hit for the fall season at our house once again.  The minute Clark saw the packaging when he woke up this morning he had to make sure I packed them in our lunch bag.  Grant has decided apples are awesome and loved snacking on them today!  I miss my apple tree and fall trips to the tree right after nap for a healthy snack :(

Today I allowed Grant to meet the new baby kitties.  He went nuts.  Couldn't pull the child away.  Grant is a huge animal lover.  I let both boys pet a kitten.  They both did well at being gentle.  Depending on where momma cat decides to move the kitties they should be tame little kitties in no time.

That's it for today.  I think I am going to work on some cross stitch yet tonight - I found some really cute Halloween charts in my stash of charts.  Since beginning my weight loss challenge again this week I need something to do with my hands late at night (to avoid late night snacking).  Plus, I think a couple of the designs may work for some Iowa State Fair entries next year.  You just can't keep me away!  Maybe my new goal should be to enter Fabrics and Threads until I earn a ribbon.  I realize this may keep me stitching and entering well into my 90's.  Last night I also signed on to Becky Bee's Stitching Hive "Great Pumpkin Challenge 2010."  I know I can get at least 1 pumpkin (even if just a little pin) done in that amount of time! 

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