Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Gramma" Crackers

Snack time today consisted of Hot Cocoa and Graham Crackers (or as Clark refers to them - gramma crackers).  It's really cute.  No matter how many times I say graham - he says yeah - gramma crackers.  Not sure what brought on the hot cocoa but it was Clark's choice today so we made some up.

Lots of playing in the sandbox outside again today.  This time I took photos!
Clark helping Grant into sandbox!

Purple wanted in on the sandbox action.

We have been working on cleaning up the house this week.  Today all of Grant's 12 month clothes went to the basement.  As did all of his shoes that are smaller than size 6.  The bibs and burp clothes are all packed away; as are the teethers and baby toys.  I guess this makes Grant an official toddler now.  sniff, sniff - he's not a baby anymore.  Moving on - we put all of the FP Little People playthings and vehicles in his room and made room for his blocks to store in his room.

With the calendar quickly turning to October the end of this week my mind also turns to wreath making efforts.  This means cleaning out the garage - and clearing out dad's trailer so he can take it home only to return with lots of greens.  So, I brought in these two bags of old clothes that have been doing nothing but sitting around for years.  (yes, I think they moved with us from the last house).

These are old clothes that have holes or stains or special meaning (or a combination of these things).  Anyway many aren't good enough for Good Will and others hold sentimental meaning or were made with such pretty fabric I didn't want to part with it.  So, I started cutting it all up today!  Cut what I could into large chunks of fabrics and cut some into little squares.  Saved buttons and zippers, etc.   The scraps have been bagged up because I even have a great idea for using those!

These bags also contain lots of our FFA t-shirt collection that we have been collecting for over 20 years now.  I started cutting those too.  Large squares of the graphics to make into quilts (yes, plural).  But there was so much left over.

On a completely unrelated note as I was reading through my blog reader today I came across this post.  I had never considered making boys underwear (very bottom photo in the second photo set).  I decided to try it.  After a few sewing blunders tonight I think I almost have it - but before showing my finished product I need to pick up some elastic tomorrow.  Ha - they are so soft (and I save a mint in buying underwear).  Now my left over t-shirt material has a purpose.

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