Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Outing to West Union

I'm going to break this blog into 3 parts - otherwise it will just be too long (and I am going to back date so they are in order).

On Friday afternoon we packed the boys up and headed to West Union, Iowa (way up in NE Iowa).  Alan had to work/oversee the Iowa FFA Dairy Foods/Dairy Cattle Career Development Event's that are held there.  Since they start early in the morning and it is a long drive he goes up the night before.  Last year we started traveling with him.

All morning Clark kept asking me when we were leaving to go to the hotel.  Clark loves to travel and stay at hotels.  I guess he comes by that honestly since he has been traveling across the country with us since he was quite young.  To keep the boys occupied while I packed; coloring seemed a good option!

Once daddy was home, all was packed, and we were loaded we headed out.  Our first stop was one of necessity as we heard Clark holler from the back, "I have to go potty, mommy!"  We were on highway 20 headed towards Cedar Falls/Waterloo but a long way from anywhere.  Alan pulled off at the first exit we came too hoping to find a deserted gravel road.  We actually saw signs for a county lookout point so decided to try that out.  Low and behold they had an outhouse:


And a gorgeous view!

Back on the road again.  Every town we passed Clark asked if we were going to the hotel.  Finally:

hotel check in and swim time.  The boys all had a lot of fun!

However, sleep is always an issue - not a lot of that Friday night.

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