Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dairy, Playground, and Train Day

First thing in the morning we went to see the dairy cattle.  Grant is a lover of animals.  He simply wants to be close to all animals.  If we would have let him down in the barns he would have been sitting on a cow.

After visiting the dairy cattle we dropped daddy back off at the Dairy Foods Event and we went to the playground.  They do have a very nice, new playground.  And the boys played,

and played, 

and played.

Grant LOVED to swing!

Check out this drinking fountain - how awesome is that!

We also went on a walk around the little lake that was at the playground park.

This is what happens when Clark gets to use the camera (actually not a bad shot).

On our way home we stopped in Independence, IA.  They have remodeled the old rail depot as a tourist/visitor information center.  It was really beautiful.  Plus, the boys were able to see the train up close.

Good Times!

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