Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain, Rain - More Rain

Today was a day that screamed hot cocoa and stew and all things comfort.  We did manage stew; never got around to the hot cocoa - although there is still a little day left, hmm.

Clark went to preschool again today.  We all went in daddy's car since mine was still in the shop.  After running through the rain - narrowly missing the hail we got Clark to church for school safe and somewhat dry (umbrellas just didn't help in the downpour).  Then ran a couple errands.  Finally, my car was all done - picked it up and sent daddy on his way to work.  Grant and I headed to the library.  We picked out a couple movies (Snow White!) and some fall activity/craft books.  Grant also really likes music so thought I would try checking out some toddler CD's to see if he likes it - he ended up bopping out in the car.  Answer is yes he likes the music.

Caught up on some work and other items this afternoon.

After supper Grant kept bringing me various shoes.  When I told him to put them back he started to cry.  I realized he wanted to go out and see the kittens.  When asked if he wanted to see kitties he screeched and ran for the door.  Again, answer was yes.  Clark also wanted to go out.  Since I figured we would only be out a short time I just put shoes on Clark (no pants).  When Alan pulled in two little boys went screeching down the sidewalk yelling - daddy!  Then Clark decided to "mow."  These photos will so come back to haunt him some day.  Underwear (on backwards since he is learning to do it himself) and shoes out mowing (hey, at least he had shoes on).

I have a picture for family only of his backside with bottom sticking out.  Can't wait to show that to his fiancée some day!  This photo is a bit more PG.

I did find a blog I thought was interesting the other day - then today she posted her reason for blogging.  Since I could relate to some of the reasons she blogs I decided to follow her.  If you want to see the blog go here.  The photo of her son asleep on the potty (same blogger, different post) spoke to me on some odd level as well.

Off to finish my niece's tutu and maybe a little pumpkin stitching yet tonight while watching some TV.

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