Monday, September 20, 2010


Not sure what to call today's post.  Could have called it miscellaneous I guess.  Not feeling real well today - not sure what I caught but it's not real fun.  The car is under the weather too and spending the night at the garage.  Something with the water pump.  At least it wasn't the transmission like they first thought.  That saved us $300 on the total estimate.

Alright - enough with the negative.  When I checked the mail from the weekend a package from New York was waiting for me!  My partner in the Stash Manicure Brown Bag Quilt contest had sent me her fabrics.  You can see them below:

Yikes - what a challenge!

Sunday I spent the evening looking through my own fabric stash to see what I could do.  Here are some fabrics I dug out:

Look at that - they all have some partners.  Now to figure out the pattern I want to use.  I think I have a few ideas.  However, I have a few other projects already on the burners so this one will have to wait.

Projects like Clark's "I Spy" Halloween quilt.  Everything is ironed and ready to cut.

  And projects like this one:

Look at those pretty colors.  Yes - I started work on Callie's tutu.  All the fabric is cut.

Now to make the skirt.

Some photos of the boys just before leaving to go pick out mommy's birthday gift with daddy.  They were excited!  We'll see how good Clark is at keeping a secret!  I know it was a fabric store since Clark described looking at other fabrics he'd like to have - fabric with wrenches and bulldozers, etc.  Ah - my son found fabric he likes!

In other news - also worked on the basement some more and when I couldn't take that anymore I sat and worked on one of my pumpkins for the Great Pumpkin Challenge (I started one in the car on the way to and from West Union - just finishing it up).

Also, made it to day 4 in my 30 Day wii Challenge.  Ouch - my legs! Go mom - you keep me motivated - if you can do it so can I!

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Mom said...

Go Andrea - hope you are feeling better. Have hit my halfway mark on the first challenge! I hate running and squats!!! Feeling much better with eating right and getting a little exercise. The treadmill is still hit and miss and mostly miss. Love ya