Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Helpful Little Man

It was so beautiful outside today.  After lunch the boys and I went out to play.  The boys played in the sandbox while I harvested pumpkins (lots of pumpkins)!  We also searched for where the mama cat moved the little kittens but no luck yet.

After nap Clark wanted to go outside.  I needed to get supper ready but told him he could go to the sandbox.  This of course led to a Grant meltdown who wanted to go outside too.  I told Clark he could take Grant with but needed to watch out for him.  The twp trotted out the door while I watched from the kitchen window.  Clark made it to the sandbox with Grant toddling through the yard.  Once Grant made it to the sandbox I saw Clark help lift him up and in with him (awww)!  I hurriedly got the rest of the chili put together and set to simmer checking out the window frequently.  As I was putting on my shoes to go out too I saw Clark get out of the sandbox.  He then turned, held his arms out and helped lift Grant down to the ground (it was sooo sweet).  Then they were off exploring.  Time for mommy to head out.  We played some more - have to enjoy the weather while we have it!

Tonight I worked on caulking the basement windows so water doesn't leak in from the window wells.  I am almost to the point of painting the floor - whoo hoo!  Once the floor is painted everything can move back into position.

Sorry - no pictures today.  Too busy playing outside!

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