Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Orchard!

Ahh - today we planted our fruit trees to begin our new orchard!  For anyone new joining the blog - our apple and cherry trees were wiped out during various storms this year.

Our cherry tree is trying to make a come back - new growth and new leaves.
Mom and dad's birthday gift to me were some fruit trees.  They were delivered last week but between rain and busy schedules we hadn't had a chance to plant them.  Today turned out being lovely and we decided they needed to go in the ground this afternoon.  Five apple trees and three cherry trees.

Clark looking at worms in the hole.
Daddy teaching Clark how to prep the tree for planting.

Helping daddy plant the tree.

Grant helped after nap time.
Purple kitty (aka - Oscar) was helping too!

Purple giving Clark some love!

How can you not love this picture? 
Next year we'll have to add pear trees!

Grant's 1st Lawn Tractor ride.  Note big brother "mowing" out back!

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