Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Time flies - especially when raising little ones.  Today was Clark's first official day of Preschool!  On Tuesday we took him to his Open House but that didn't count since we stayed with him the whole time.  He has two wonderful teachers and I hope he will have a lot of fun.  That said - mommy and Grant missed him.  Just not the same without Clark around.

Since it has been so nice this week we have also spent a lot of time outside in the afternoons.  Grant likes pushing the lawnmower around.  Clark and Grant both like picking up rocks and walking with mommy to the end of the lane to get the mail.

I should add the cats like to help get the mail as well.

While playing indoors the boys' favorite new game is "robot."  Pretty much whoever is in the laundry hamper is the robot.  Grant will put it on himself and walk around just laughing.  But he can't get it off himself so when he starts to pout Clark will pull it off him and put it on his head.  Then Grant likes to "tickle, tickle" the Clarkbot.

We are certainly loving the fall weather!  Leaving the windows open and allowing cool, refreshing air in at night (and during the day).  Today we also traded out all of Grant's 12 month clothes for the 18 month clothes.  Found some fall clothes - which is good since we have needed some long sleeve shirts.  However, Clark was already switching into 2T clothes at this same age so not as many as I thought.  Oh well!

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