Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pumpkin Tree

When Clark and I went out to do chores this morning I decided I had to take pictures of our "pumpkin tree." 

You can see here it is not just the tree but they have grown up and over the chicken coop fencing as well.

The best part of this growth habit is the tender young pumpkins are suspended far out of the reach of pecking chickens.  Clark just thinks it is funny to have pumpkins hanging in the trees.  All I have to say is thanks to Clarks love of bashing old pumpkins and gourds we'll have lots to decorate with this fall!

I realize this next group of photos may look a bit red neck; but, since Alan has been spending the past few days at the Farm Progress Show he is bound to come home with a few fun things.

Like Clark's new coozie.  I did not set him up for these pictures.  I was working at the desk and turned around to find him as is.  We also did not really show him what the hole in the top was for.  He just thought it was a cool "bamming" hand.

Also, my oldest is a hater of pants.  At least here he has underpants on - sometimes I catch him running around without those on too.  Ahh - boys.

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