Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farmer's Market

After we all rolled out of our hotel beds on Saturday we headed out to the Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market.  Of course, just as we arrived it started to rain.  Silly me - forgot the umbrella.  We spent a lot of time under Click! Photography's tent - thankful for good friends with a tent :)!  Felt bad for all of the vendors though - such a rainy, cold day didn't bode well for good sales.  We did what we could.  Alan and I each had a Bavarian Cream Pillow Puff (YUMMY)!  We bought sweet rolls and Clark's favorite - kettle corn - to bring home to share with Clark and Grant.  Also picked up some Gouda cheese - yum!  And we tried an omelet burrito.  There was a brief break in the weather so we did get to see most of the market and explore various vendors.

After the Farmer's Market we took Beth and Jamie to the mall to wait for Jamie's parents as they were on the way to the East Coast for the big Expo.  Alan was great and took me to a Stitch/Needlework store I had wanted to visit.  Bought a couple little patterns, some thread for a project that can only be found in specialty stores and a piece of aida cloth.

When we returned home we found our babysitter all in one piece.  She did a great job with the boys!  Grandpa came by to visit before he and Alan headed out for the ISU vs UNI game.  Luckily the rain stopped but brrrr.

Clark, Grant and I had an indoor picnic and watched our new Tinker Bell movie.  We had great fun!  (and yes, boys can watch Tinker Bell - she's a Tinker Fairy and they have her engineering and figuring out all kind of mechanical things).

Ahh - the end to a wonderful birthday weekend!

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