Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Day!

As Clark would say - Friday was my happy birthday day!

It was a lovely day - weather was gorgeous and the boys were happy!  In the morning Clark gave me the boys' gift.  It was a fabulous jelly roll from the quilt store.  Such pretty colors.  I find it incredibly amazing that my husband not only went to a quilt store and asked for a jelly roll (he gave me the weirdest face when I said that was one thing that would be fun but I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself) but he took the boys with him and had them pick the perfect one for me!

After we ate breakfast the boys and I went to town to run some errands.  After Target I asked if they wanted to go back to the fabric store.  Clark excitedly said yes so I figured we'd try.  I asked him to pick the orange and black fabrics to put together his Halloween "I Spy" quilt.  He had so much fun telling me which fabrics he would prefer to have.  So we picked out four and he loved watching it be cut.  We also found a couple more fat quarters I can cut into squares and use in the I Spy.

Then we needed a potty break so we went across the street to the Consignment Store and used the children's potty.  Clark picked out a shirt, a pair of shoes and a couple pair of pants.  When I said Clark picked them I mean it.  Grant found a pair of shoes he liked too.  Grant is a going to be a shoe horse.  He LOVES shoes.  He's not even two and he has all kinds of shoes and he likes to wear them all.  He and Aunt Em will hit if off well in this department.

After purchasing our outfits we loaded the car.  Since it was my birthday and lunch time I asked if they wanted to eat downtown.  This seemed agreeable to everyone so we tried out the new cupcake store - Yummy's Cupcake Emporium.  It was great- they sell Jeff's Pizza!  So for $4.99 each we got the pizza special which included a slice of pizza, a cupcake and a drink.  Can't beat that - and such a cute store to boot.  We tried out the chocolate cupcakes - yummy!  After lunch we visited the Pumpkin Patch (local toy/children's store).  They have a wooden train set up that both boys enjoyed playing with while mommy looked around the store.  Neither one wanted to leave.  Luckily the tantrum wasn't too long lived.

Off to the grocery store to get some food for the babysitter to quickly fix.  Grant fell asleep in the car.  He didn't wake up when I moved him to the shopping cart.  I should have had the camera with.  He was holding onto the cart - asleep.  He did wake up eventually - poor little thing.  He still took a nap when we got home - thankfully.

It was a great mail day too -- my prize for the Grand Champion Banana Bread arrived!  Alan jokes that I should use it for a year's worth of bananas - ha, ha!  It's really a great prize - a $75.00 American Express card to use anywhere.  Perfect for a birthday weekend out!

Our babysitter came to watch the boys as friends of mine picked me up to go to Des Moines (and meet Alan).  They were celebrating an anniversary so we all went out to supper and then both of us had rooms booked at the Marriott.  So much fun!  We decided to eat at the new (at least new to us) BBQ place -- Smoky D's.  What we didn't know was that the owner had just won TLC's Pit Master contest and the local news had done a story on them that evening.  Even though we pulled in a little after 7 PM - it was PACKED!  We decided to wait in line anyway.  It was worth it.  They ran out of ribs so we'll have to go back another time to try those but everything we ordered was extremely good!  If you love BBQ you've got to try it!  I also loved the fact that everyone was having a good time and being so neighborly.  We chatted with strangers and made new friends.  Tables were hard to come by so strangers shared table space with each other and had a great time together.  Sometimes I just really love Iowa and Iowans.

I also have to share that my friends gave me a beautiful birthday gift (thank you Beth and Jamie)!  Beth knows me so well.  She has searched long and hard to find me a hand juicer made of milk glass.  She found one at the Clay County Fair.  It's so lovely.  But the best part was spending time with you both!

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