Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What to Do, What to Do

Today I was sorting through some of my fabric stash to find this:

to send to my "Brown Bag Quilt" partner.  Pretty sure she doesn't read my blog so I shouldn't be ruining her surprise by showing it to you now.  She was amazingly fast and had my package shipped 3 hours after we received the e-mail that we were partners.  Can't wait to see the quilt she makes with the fabric I'm sending her.  The gist is each person sends the other some fabric they want to utilize to reduce their fabric stash.  Then make a quilt using this fabric and any other  fabric out of your own fabric stash.  You are only allowed to purchase 1 other piece of fabric.  Once quilt is done you post the quilt to a photo site set up by the host.  All have to be done by March 1st.  This is also known as an Ugly Quilt - but the host for this one thought that seemed a rather mean name.

As I sorted through my stash I found this piece:

It even glows in the dark!  Clark thought that was pretty cool.  He loved it so much he wanted us to leave it in his room tonight.  I'm just not sure what to do with it.  I thought wall-hanging but it's too big (at least for any of our walls).  I could find some fun Halloween fabric to make a couple borders and make it into a quilt (from his reaction I think Clark would sleep with it every night).  If anyone has any other really good ideas let me know!

We had a picnic outside for lunch.  As I was taking some pictures the boys got a little silly posing.  And - Grant said "Cheese!"  He's vocalizing words at an amazing rate now.

Clark and Grant are still making sure the kittens are tamed.  We go out at least once every two hours to check.  Grant gets very upset if Clark goes out without him.

I've started exercising on Wii Fit again.  The deal is once my 1/2 hour is in Clark can play while I make supper.  He really likes wrecking balls and soccer (or panda heads as he calls it).

Thanks for following along!  Hope everyone has a great day!

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