Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blue & Gold

My little boys in blue (and gold).  And no the below photo is not a fluke.  Grant loved holding Clark's hand and they did this quite frequently - I know, I'm amazed too!

This past week we spent in Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention.  While daddy went to meetings, sessions and workshops the boys and I explored the city (more on that in future posts).  However, our week would not be complete without a visit to the FFA Career Show in the boys' Official Dress.  For those unfamiliar with FFA it is the largest student organization in the country with over 523,000 members.  This year the National FFA was planning on having 60,000 people at the convention.

Now, those little jackets (miniatures of the real members' official dress) were sewn by me.  In fact, the pattern is modeled off a real jacket - a pattern I had to create myself.  In the arena of sewing these are probably my proudest accomplishments.  Maybe because so many people assume they're factory made (and ask us where they can order one).  If anyone else has ever worked with corduroy (which this stuff seems to be extra stiff) you know my pain in creating these little things.  My machine knows the pain too - it takes at least 2 needles per jacket - I always break at least one.  

Number of times we were stopped for photos: ? (can't keep track)
Number of times we were asked where they could purchase one: I lost track of that too
Number of times I was asked if I would sew one for someone: at least 5 - answer no (trademark infringement)
Number of times I referred people to the National FFA to purchase blue corduroy off the bolt: at least 5 (I should work on commission)

In fact, we were stopped so many times for photo ops by members and advisors that Clark now turns his back to the camera automatically (so they can get a picture of the emblem).  The boys are super cute in their jackets and we are in a place where such specific cuteness is VERY appreciated and adored.  It amazes me how many young men ask for photo ops.  It also amazes me at how many people asked permission specifically because they were just little boys and they wanted to make sure the parents were OK with that (much appreciated).

On Friday the boys took one very special picture.  The owner of RFD TV recently purchased Roy Roger's horse Trigger.  My boys are related to a singer from one of the groups (The Riders' of the Purple Sage) that sang with and did some movies with Roy Roger (and Trigger).  In fact, we have a photo of their great-grandpa with Roy Roger and Trigger when they put their hand (and hoof) prints in the cement in Hollywood.  (The great-grandpa referred to would be my husband's mother's dad.) So, the above photo is of the boys, daddy, Grandpa Spencer (daddy's dad) and Trigger.  Now I need to remember to go online and see the professional photo they uploaded.

Grant and Clark spent a lot of time in the back of this Dodge truck (while daddy talked to lots of people).  They loved it though and danced and jumped and brought lots of people to see the sight (again - should work on commission).  Kept mommy happy too - they were well contained all I had to watch for was them looking over the side.


Friday was a big day - not only was it Career Show day - it was also ZOO Day!  The Indianapolis Zoo is only a short walk from our hotel and it always happens to be ZooBoo Night while we're there.  So, the boys went dressed as FFA Members and loaded up on candy in their buckets.

Grant loved all the animals (he's an animal lover to be sure) but he still goes especially ga ga over the goats with bunnies being a close second.  Clark's favorite was the elephants.

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