Monday, October 25, 2010

National FFA Convention Highlights - Part 1

Last week we spent in Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention.  I know I have shown some of our week but thought I would recap (you know so grandma and grandpa can see what we were up to)!

Prior to leaving we set up little travel gifts for each of the boys - including the new little Halloween quilts.  We had lots of fun on the trip.  The boys and I sang songs, Clark read books, they colored . . .

 Clark enjoyed reading maps.

Grant liked playing peek a boo.  We didn't have any DVD players or anything - just old fashioned car fun!

Amazingly we made the trip all in one piece in time for supper!  Grant was hungry!

On Monday (the first day) the boys and I went for a walk along the canal and just enjoyed a day of exploring the city.  Well, Grant tried to see everything.

The boys loved playing with the ducks.  The ducks followed us up and down the canal.  I dug in the stroller and found some old pretzel pieces that I let the boys feed to the ducks.  That made all parties involved very happy.

After supper we went to Monument Circle - Clark enjoyed the time to stretch his legs.

 And see more water features.

Grant enjoyed some freedom too!

On Tuesday (Day 2) we visited Tuttle's Orchard - view the full details on this post.  But before leaving we stopped at this water feature (what can I say - the boys like water).

On the way back we had some fun with this sculpture near the Convention Center.

Grant LOVED the little figures - especially the one with the camera!

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