Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday, during our 10 hour drive home from Indianapolis (while the boys tried to catch up on sleep by napping most of the way) I needed a way to stay awake.  While listening to my favorite Trans Siberian Orchestra CD (which is listened to any time of year I might add) I worked on some sewing ideas.  However, before digging into any new projects I need some fabric organization.  I began thinking about how to organize my fabric.  Of course, anything would be better than what it is now - sitting in big see through tubs sorted by color.  This was not my choice mind you - this is what happened when flood waters seeped into the basement.  

Today I started digging into all my containers and sorting them.  It was somewhat like Christmas finding fabrics I forgot I even had.  My family is probably tired of all the little squeals they heard from the basement today!  

Of course there were also pieces like this:

What was someone thinking?  OK, it might have been something I picked out in the 80's (for some 4H project) or it could be something I inherited stole selvaged absconded with (yeah, that sounds right) from my mom.  I'm pretty sure that piece wasn't one I inherited with my grandma's stash (although there are some funky finds in that stash too).

I first sorted out all the scrap pieces and put them in scrap color bins.  Then I folded all my 1/4, 1/2, and 1+ yard fabrics - these will go in small plastic bins sorted by color and type.  Finally the large pieces and pieces more for clothing and home decor were folded and put back in large tubs but better organized so I can actually see each piece.

All of the plaid was sorted out separately and has its own bin.

After all of that I figured I am ready to start piecing some scrap blocks for the Pleasant Home Sew Scraps Along.  However, I ran into an issue.  The scraps I would love to use are some I picked up at an auction awhile back.  I believe these are truly vintage.  

They may have come from a sample board (since many of them have numbers taped to them).  As a purist, I would hate to add new materials to these vintage scraps so I think they will need to wait for another scrappy project.  Any thoughts?

Back to using up some scraps - I find myself with LOADS of blue scraps.  Maybe I should challenge myself to do purely blue scrappy blocks.  I would do blue and yellow for my husband but I have practically zero yellow scraps (dang).  Bah!  Maybe I'll just go work on a couple Christmas ornaments.

Speaking of Christmas - look what was waiting for me in the mail when we arrived home yesterday:

The first of the Ho Ho Holiday Swap items from Becky.  Such cute fabric - I love the Christmas Tree print and the wreath towel is so pretty (and so appropriate for this family who will be turning to wreath making shortly).

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