Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

I promised the boys we could do some pumpkin painting.  They were both very excited!  We started by going through our large pumpkin pile and picking out the pumpkins each one wanted.  We loaded those into buckets and carried them downstairs to our new playroom (not completed yet - but at least usable).

I believe the next items on my sewing list need to include art smocks.  I have some ideas in mind.  Have been looking at some of the new laminated cottons and may have to try that - I really want an excuse to incorporate some chalkboard fabric too!

Anyway - back to pumpkins:
 I covered our new IKEA round children's table with large sheets of paper (the paper I save for such things from my King Arthur Flour shipments).

 I have vast quantities of egg cartons around (since we have chickens I have an egg carton collection).  They work amazingly well as paint holders!  Since Clark is just learning how to rinse between colors and Grant doesn't care (about rinsing brushes) this is a great way to have just a little paint out at a time and when they're done you can let the paint dry and pop it right out for the next use or add a little water and sometimes its usable again.

I decided Grant would be easier to clean with no shirt.

After paint the boys wanted to try a new medium so we switched to markers.

This may or may not have been the best idea!

Ah - but what an afternoon of colorful, inexpensive fun!

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