Monday, October 4, 2010

Back at It!

Whew - lots going on since our spur of the moment drive on Thursday to Iowa City for early hospital appointment the next day.  First, my surgery went just fine.  Actually, much less pain than I expected.

On Saturday, Alan and I hosted/presented along with Heather a Science Fair Workshop in Ankeny.  I was still feeling pretty good (although tired) by the end of the presentation.  Later that night Alan put the boys to bed while I rested a bit and then he headed to the ISU game and watched us beat Texas Tech (whoo hoo)!  Sunday I made it through church and then pretty much crashed.  Slept most of the afternoon.  As Clark said to me, "mommy, a really long nap will make you feel better."  He was so right.

I did find a little time this weekend to sew up both Halloween lap blankets I am working on for the boys.  In hind sight the white squares with dots may not have been the best choice.  Anyway all the blankets need are the borders and then I plan to stitch them to a fleece backing.  Clark wants them to glow in the dark so I will use the glow in the dark thread and cookie cutters to make some Halloween shapes.

This morning I finished painting the west side of the basement.  All that's left is to paint the floor.  After looking at these colors I realized they match a quilt fabric line I would really like to purchase but haven't spent the money on yet.  The colors remind of Pure by Moda.  A lovely quilt in that fabric line would work wonderfully down here! Ha - so many other projects that isn't even in my top 10 right now.

Ah - but the UPS man did stop this morning.  In my package were these fun John Deere fabrics.  I had actually picked up the top piece (flannel) in the clearance bin at JoAnn's.  So what a fun surprise to receive some matching pieces.  Grant loves the flannel piece so I think I'll make him something fun for Christmas.

I also found some pinks and purples in my delivery.  So sweet.  Maybe a nursery gift for friends or relatives.

This afternoon as I was reading through some blogs I follow I came across a weekly meal plan at Living Locurto.  I am all about meal planning but have not been doing very well recently.  These recipes seemed yummy and things my guys would eat and I had most of the grocery list items already on hand.  Made up a grocery list of other items needed and the guys and I went grocery shopping.  So easy when it's pre-planned.  I tend to get in a rut when I do my own planning so this is nice to try some new items.  I went to Our Best Bites website as well and found some other yummy recipes - you might even see some in my test kitchen this month!

Today we took the baby tub out and Grant was on his own in the big bath tub.  He made the transition with no complaints!  More baby items going back into storage.

Now to go fold all the laundry that was washed last Thursday but never folded.  Need to find some items so Clark has something to wear to preschool tomorrow.  Tomorrow is school picture day!

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