Wednesday, October 6, 2010

State Fair Goodies

OK - so one of many reasons to enter the Food Department at the Iowa State Fair is the FREEBIES!  Today we decided to utilize one of the freebies.  One of my entries came with a free 1/2 peck of apples just for entering.  That's right - I didn't even have to win for this one.  Iowa Orchard gives away apples for the contest they sponsor.  We took the gift certificate in and picked up our apples.  We actually bought a full peck of Jonathons (Clark's choice).  We also bought a beautiful (and yummy) apple pie.  The ink was barely dry on the sales receipt by the time the boys had an apple in hand and mouth!  They are wonderfully yummy apples and a good morning snack.

While we were there we checked out the pumpkins.  I love the warty pumpkins - so did the boys.  They also liked the big pumpkin.

Clark decided to hang out with the ghosts!  Grant was in and out too fast to get a good shot.

Grant traipsing through the pumpkins.

After the orchard excursion we drove to Blank Park Zoo.  We had a coupon for a free child's entry that we picked up at the Iowa State Fair (not for an entry).  It was such a beautiful day and so much fun!

On our way out we asked Clark what his favorite animal was -- he said GOAT!  Alan actually cringed.  Look how cute they are:

Grant got close and personal with the alpaca.

They both loved the giant caterpillar!

And watching the feeding of the Sea Lions kept both boys fascinated.  Plus, with so few people there they had front row seats.

Last but not least we visited the giraffes.

For a treat on the way home we stopped at Culver's.  As you can plainly see Grant was a big fan of the chocolate frozen custard.
And tonight I finished my pumpkin for the Great Pumpkin Challenge!  Well - I still have to figure out how I plan to actually FINISH it.  Currently I am thinking pincushion but that may change.  I like him.  See - with a little motivation I knew finishing at least one pumpkin would happen.  Not sure that he's quality enough for 2011 ISF entry.  Had some major issues with all of the 1/2 stitches in this pattern.  But a project completed none the less!  After all that was the main point to the ISF Challenge - to complete projects that have either been sitting around or on my wish list for years.

Speaking of my ISF Challenge I received a comment this morning that actually upset me a little - thank you so much anonymous.  Honestly for a blog that only has 11 followers you'd think I'd get less criticism.  However, after thinking about it maybe I have been a little random recently.  So, tomorrow get ready for some changes AND for some more challenges you can join in on - if you're in to that kind of thing.  Honestly though I read a lot of the bigger bloggers in the quilting, food and crafting worlds - I am not that creative and never claimed to be - so I thank all of my readers for sticking with me and hope I have some knowledge to pass along but in the end you get what you get (mainly me journaling my daily life)!



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog. Its down to earth and from the heart. I love to craft, sew, cook, garden, etc. too and always enjoy seeing what youve been up to, I can connect (though my garen is no where near the size of yours, Im envious!)! Hats off to you for the 100 entries, posting the blog, and taking the time to do all the things that are so important as a mom. Your boys will grow up never doubting they are loved and stronger because of it (which is so important in todays world where its seems slowing down a little and making our kids first priority gets put on the back burner).

Ignore the person with who left the critical comment, there is one in every crowd, unfortunate but true. Too bad they dont use their time in a more constructive way!

Keep on bloggin!!

spencers said...

Elizabeth -

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. For a number of reasons I was feeling a bit down today but your kind words really lifted my spirits!

I don't know - smaller garden = less weeding that is sounding very appealing to me ;)