Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Quilts!

Last night was so much fun.  I participated in Friday Night Sew In and accomplished a lot in one night.  I wanted to finish my little lap quilts for the boys.  I had them pieced but last night added the border and then started quilting.  I used glow in the dark thread to quilt a spiderweb across the quilts.

The great part about the spiderweb design was it didn't matter how accurate or perfect it was.  Just free-styled the design using painter's tape.

Here's how the backs ended up looking.  I just used orange thread for the back.  I also just placed the pieced work on top of fleece.  I thought the fleece back would make a nice soft snuggle blanket.

Here is how it looked last night when I called it an evening.  After I turned off all the lights I watched the spiderweb glow - it was so awesome!

This morning I got the binding on the first quilt.  Then the power went out.  But late afternoon it came back on and I was able to finish the binding on the second quilt.

One quilt . . .

Two quilts . . .

Now to finish hand sewing the binding and they'll be ready for little hands!


Megan said...

Just stopping in from FNSI. Great quilts!! What a great idea using glow in the dark thread for the quilting!

Oh, and glad to see there is another FNSI sewer from Iowa! :)

eparker019 said...

I saw your post on the 12th and it inspired me to make Xmas quilts for my boys (whether or not they actually get finished in time is another story all together but Im going to try! :). Your Halloween quilts turned out great and the spider web glow in the dark quilting, so creative, love it!!

spencers said...

Christmas quilts sound fun too! Thanks for the great comments! The boys are totally in love with the glow in the dark spider webs.