Friday, October 15, 2010

The Old Girl's Back Home!

She's back home!  Just in time for sewing projects tonight too!  Grant and I picked up grandma's Bernina from the shop yesterday morning while Clark was at preschool.  It will run through all the stitches now.  They showed me the tension spring which was pretty much no more (that spring had SPRUNG) and they replaced a belt.  I was told as long as I am gentle with her she's still got some good stitches left in her!  I also have to mention that when it rains it pours - my aunt recently e-mailed me to see if I had found a serger yet.  I actually  had stopped looking for the moment.  She has graciously offered me her serger to use - I am so excited!  What a fabulous surprise and so very much appreciated!

I also picked up a cute little gift courtesy of my sister:

I have seen this cute little book in blogland so thanks to a Borders card I received as a birthday gift from sis I decided it would make a cute addition to my craft books.  I have had a chance to glance through it but am looking forward to some quiet time to give it a good read.  And since this will probably come up - I realize I have a house full of boys; however, sometimes you just need some girly stuff around.

Last night while watching some TV with hubby I finished off this cute little squirrel:

Once this little guy is finished off, this piece will go in as one of my project finishes for the state fair challenge (at least until I finish something in the same size category that I like better).  It was a pretty simple stitch but I think he is adorable.  He was Clark's pick for the next pumpkin piece to stitch up.  This was actually the first time I have tried stitching on linen.  I was a little hesitant at first but love the finished piece.  The suggestion is to make this into a scissorfob - not sure if that's what he'll become or not.
Brittercup Designs - Autumn is in the air (scissorfob pull out from the larger design).  Stitched on 32 count linen - oyster, using suggested DMC threads.

The following are just a couple random shots from yesterday:

This month I am serving on the church's Altar and Chancel Guild.  On Thursday mornings while Clark's at school Grant and I go and do some prep and cleaning.  Grant found the little broom and was cleaning away.

And just because:

 Happy Friday!

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