Monday, October 25, 2010

National FFA Convention Highlights - Part 2

On Wednesday (Day 3) we headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum (one of the best Children's Museum's out there - at least in our book).

Grant was enchanted with the trains.  We could have spent the whole day just in the train area if Grant had his way.

Although playing with the "glass" sculpture pieces was loads of fun too (still not as excited by this as the trains).

The sandbox was great fun!

 We enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit so much someone didn't get any photos - oh well!

Whew - then there was the science area full of balls, boats and water!  The boys were thoroughly exhausted by the time we returned to the hotel.  We ate in the room (Clark enjoys this activity) and both went to bed quick as a wink ;)

Thursday (Day 4) we took in the Career Show (see post here) with daddy and then out to lunch.  After lunch we changed clothes and headed to the hotel with train cars as rooms.  So cool!

Time for bed in our Halloween jammies.

But first - a little Petting Farm DVD watching on the computer.  I had to watch Grant closely since he wanted to touch all the animals on the computer!  After Grant went to bed Clark and I would snuggle on his bed and watch the Food Network - Clark thinks this is super awesome when we stay in hotels (OK - mommy likes it a lot too)!  

And finally on Friday some more Career Show and a visit to the Zoo (see post here for more).  The boys went to Trick or Treat night at the zoo as little FFA members :)  There were a couple times they upstaged the animals on exhibit that evening.  One advisor took their photo specifically to show her high schoolers what true official dress should look like!

It was a super fun trip!  Clark had so much fun he wants to know when we'll go back!

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