Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Olive" the Pumpkins

After 3 nights of frost we decided today was a good day to pull up all those wonderful backyard pumpkin vines Clark planted.  (Clark still has his blue ribbon winners proudly displayed in his room :)
I couldn't resist the above photo.  That was Grant's pumpkin that he proudly carried around (until he saw daddy working on the tractor).  Yes, it is an Oliver tractor, but my husband lovingly calls her Olive.

Clark wanted a photo of his pumpkin too - so may I present: Clark's Pumpkin

And some photos of the boys helping with the tractor.

Here are the photos of the harvest:
 And some more . . .

 wait - a few more.

We still need to harvest the ones in the trees and the ones growing up the chicken coop.  Now to finish cleaning the house so we can decorate.  I don't think we'll run out of gourds/pumpkins to brighten the house up!  I can't resist the warty gourds so a few choice ones are already displayed inside.

Before nap time I started laying out some blocks for a quilt I'm doing as a quilt along on another blog.  It was all material I had buried in my stash and thought the vintage looking fabrics would be fun together.  As I started laying them out Clark decided to play along.  He thought it was a GREAT floor puzzle!  Really - he wants to help mommy with another "puzzle."  Actually he did help me out because I am horrible at being random on things like this - I always try to find a pattern or order.  Clark just started setting them out and I happily followed his lead!

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