Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Party!

 Sunday the family celebrated my niece's birthday (1 year old)!  Now, on this side of the family she is the ONLY girl.  This means Aunt Andrea HAS to sew cute things.  Right?  Right!

Long before the Iowa State Fair Callie's mom asked me to make one of those cute tutu dresses that seem to be everywhere.  Hollie and I went to the fabric store and she picked out all the lovely materials.  All I had to do was take it home and figure out how to make it.  The skirt is amazingly easy (lots of skirt tutorials on-line - I kinda combined the instructions of the ones I liked); however, if I ever do one with the bodice (had to make that up myself) again I will make some changes.  Still - awfully cute:

I saw this fabric and just couldn't resist.  Made it into a little hoodie jacket.  I just hope it fits!

This morning as I was scrolling through blogs I read I saw a little reversible dress made out of the same fabric.  It's cute too - you can see it here.

We also looked at the family tree mom had printed out for a family reunion she went to last weekend - very interesting!

And of course lots of kid play time!

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