Friday, October 22, 2010

Red, Yellow and Orange

Earlier this week we headed out to Tuttle's Orchard to pick apples and find some pumpkins.  I know, I know - you're saying from my previous posts on pumpkins that we have more than we need.  True - but those are little pumpkins.  We need Jack-O-Lantern size pumpkins!

First - to the apple trees!  The boys loved picking their own apples.  They were determined we needed Red Delicious apples.  Then Clark said - mommy, we need to make apple pie!  I replied - well, that sounds good but these are totally the wrong apple for that!  

So, we headed through the trees to the Golden Delicious and picked large yellow apples too!  1 bu each - can you believe Grant still fit in the wagon?

Next, playtime!  Clark is very into mazes right now.  Luckily, this farm had not 1 but 4 mazes (and we did them all)!  First - the hay/straw maze.  They made it out before mommy did (only because I thought the little one was lost in the maze -no he followed his brother out).

Through the next maze - Grant loved this next one out of PVC.  I think next year's garden needs to include a child tunnel (covered with vines)!

Through the rope maze and finally through the sunflower maze!

Where we discussed pollination and honey making.

Then, some tractor driving (and fixing - Clark likes to fuel and fix all tractors).

Finally, out to the pumpkin patch!  Grant is pointing the way to some good pumpkins.

Grant really wanted to help pull the wagon.

Alas, those pumpkins were just too heavy.  Note the pouty face in the wagon.

I love their pricing board!  Clark helped me find the right size.

Of course, a stop to Tuttle's means visiting the gourd tower.

On our drive home we saw this beautiful barn.  I couldn't get much closer but look at the round barn - isn't it gorgeous?  Oh how I wish more old barns could be given such love.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!  Now to process some yummy apples - mmm, cinnamon applesauce sounds delicious!

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