Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Challenge! - 2011 State Fair Challenge

As promised in yesterday's blog I mentioned there would be some changes coming.  I have been thinking about my new challenge/direction for awhile now but wasn't sure how I wanted to commit.  After all it is pretty hard to top 100 entries for me personally.  Although this time I would have more than 100 days to complete them in.

The other factor keeping me from committing is the fact that my husband and I would like to add to our family in the year 2011.  But that is God's will and we're really not sure what he has in store.  Plus, I feel a lot like Sara (Abraham's Sara) right now since I laughed out loud when the doctor told me he needed a pregnancy test before my surgery last week.  Trust me if you knew our back story it is rather laughable.  But then again miracles do happen.  Right now God is once again trying to teach me patience in the whole family realm of things.  I guess I don't learn my lessons well.  I digress . . .

My Personal Challenge:
For the 2011 Iowa State Fair I am committing to completing 3 projects every month beginning in October.  This does NOT include Heritage entries (that would be too easy).  So I am allowed 1 - 2 Heritage items each month but they are in addition to the other 2 entries.  For a food entry to be considered "completed" it must be either made and ready (like canned goods) OR the recipe must be formatted and typed up in my computer ISF recipe file.

So count that up in 10 months there will be 30 completed projects - add in the Heritage and I will have 40 completed projects.  Add in the horticulture and floriculture (it can't be hit as bad as last year, right?) and I may be right up there at 100 again!  But let's not count chickens before they're hatched.  I'll get through the winter months working on Fabric and Threads, Foods and Creative Arts and see what I feel like come spring.

My Challenge to You:
Come join me this year!  If you would like to participate in the 2011 State Fair Challenge I'd love to have you along for the ride and see what you're up to!  This will include showing off your completed entries in my new Flikr group, a monthly parade of entries (with winners and prizes), and some other fun things in the works.  Yes - you can participate in any state fair across the country (or county fair).

Come back tomorrow to see how you can join the challenge!

Now - to work on some blog buttons, find some prizes (maybe some sponsors), figure out linky parties, finish some projects .  .  .

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