Saturday, October 9, 2010

Take Me to the Quilt Show

Thanks to my wonderful hubby I was able to attend the American Quilter's Society Des Moines Quilt Show yesterday!  He set up so the kiddos were cared for and off I went to the show!  The picture above was what greeted people as they rounded the corner of the skywalk in HyVee Hall.  It stopped you in your tracks.  You had to look through the big windows.

Below are some pictures of some of my favorite quilts.

Dang - I should have collected patches when I was in Europe instead of postcards.  I thought this was a neat idea though for those souvenirs.

I have always loved Sun Bonnet Sue.  This is such a neat take.  It is Sun Bonnet Sue around the world.

Little Red Hen - the pictures and fabric choice were so good and of course it was so well executed.

The above quilt simply goes in the I can't even imagine category.

Homer was a must photo to bring home and show my husband.
Along with this next one.

I think some space themed quilts for the guys someday would be fun!

The next set of pictures are board games that were made completely out of fabric.  It was one of the special displays.  These were so much fun to look at.

Finally, a couple tie-ins to the Iowa State Fair.  The Des Moines Quilters Guild had special display about kids and quilting.  During the Iowa State Fair there is a State Fair Sew-In for Kids.  Each day in the Fabric and Threads Department quilts are worked on to be distributed to organizations that work with children.  It's a really great project.

And the raffle quilt had this pretty ribbon on it from the Iowa State Fair.

Ahh - so many new ideas (like I need more at the moment).  I was proud of myself, I only bought one little pattern at the marketplace - whew!  It was hard to remember a budget surrounded with so many beautiful things.

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