Thursday, October 7, 2010

Test Kitchen Thursday - Caramel Corn (Honey Bun Popcorn) with Pecans

Today I decided to have some fun with the boys and try this yummy Caramel Corn recipe found at: (since this is a web published recipe I'll just give you the link).  This recipe gets 4 thumbs up at our household.  Plus, it was loads of fun to do with the boys.  I highly encourage you to cook with your kids even at very young ages!  Recently someone told me how sorry they were for my boys' wifes someday since it might be hard to compete with their mom's cooking.  I say - bah!  What lucky women to have husbands that enjoy cooking and baking!  Think about it.  And for those wonderful hubbies out there that love to be in the kitchen (which mine is one) and yes, grilling counts too (if they do the prep work) - thank you!

So, I took lots of awesome photos to show you but my camera decided to die today (sniff).  I may have some photoless blogs for awhile as we wait for a new one to be ordered and delivered.  These shots remind me of some photos from the 70's.

 Clark measuring out the pecans.

 Grant and Clark both had extra pop corn as their afternoon snack.  Grant loves to play with measuring equipment.

Stirring the brown sugar.  After we had the caramel to the soft stage boil and we added the vanilla and baking soda much fun was had by all - bubbly, foamy brown goo!

 The product before placing in the oven!

 Of course we had to sample!

I had to quickly put it in the over before it was devoured.

That was our test kitchen today!  If you have a caramel corn craving this variation is well worth the time (it actually doesn't take much effort).

Happy Munching!

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